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Although there is no shortage of dog treats on the market; it can be confusing and challenging to find healthy ones that are safe for your dog. With so many dog food and treat recalls and news reports of the toxic dog treats from China, it's hard to know which ones are truly free of chemicals and are not going to harm your dog.

The Dangers Of Commercial Dog Treats

Unfortunately, many commercial dog treats are overloaded with sugar, allergens, artificial colors, preservatives, and carcinogenic additives, which is causing health problems in our beloved pets. They're also packed with cheap fillers such as wheat, corn, soy, and meat by-products that the nutritional value is almost non-existent. If you choose to buy your dog treats from your local pet store, make sure you know what ingredients to avoid and become knowledgeable on what to look for in a dog treat.

Did I mention the toxic treats that are shipped from China? Mainly jerky treats, but they come across all sorts of names, if you haven't already heard, veterinarians in USA, Australia, UK and Europe, have reported high numbers of kidney problems and deaths in dogs linked to these treats.  Both the FDA and The American Veterinary Medical Association have issued many warnings against treats for dogs from China.

Which Dog Treats Should I Choose?

Which Treats Should I be Feeding My Dog?

So, it leaves you with the problem of wondering, which treats should you give to your dog? And if you're anything like me, you just want something that is safe, natural, healthy, and is not going to harm your dog in any way. Oh, and not costing an arm and leg would also be a bonus!

That's why I have created this site. I want to recommend and provide a variety of dogs treats that are natural, wholesome, healthy for dog owners.  I also mention  the toxic and unhealthy ones will get mentioned too, but only to make you aware of the ones to steer clear of...hint, hint, Jerky treats from China.

The treats found on my website, come in many varieties; we have healthyhomemadeorganicvegetarianpuppy treatsdiabetic treats, training treats, liver treatshealthy biscuits, dehydrated treats, treats for dogs on a raw diet, treats for picky eaters, quick and easy treats, treats made from leftovers...and also dangerous treats that you should avoid purchasing. I could go on-an-on, but to save me doing so here, please feel free to have a look around my website and see if we can help you find some healthy options to keep your dog happy and safe.

I am committed to finding and providing recipes for that are only pure, i.e. free from anything of a different, inferior, or contaminating kind; and are free from extraneous matter! If you want to know HOW to find treats that are truly healthy treats then find out how here.

New To Making Dog Treats and Food?

Do you want to make sure your dogs food and treats are helping their health, nutrition and quality of life? Are you confused as to what ingredients will benefit your dog and how? If so, then you will defiantly want to get yourself a copy of the 'Cookbook For Dogs' by Connie Hogan. This book is the 'MUST HAVE' cookbook for all dog owners who have decided to stay away from the commercial brands. Connie Hogan wrote this book after her own dog feel very ill after being on commercial foods. She provides a variety of homemade dog food and treat recipes that will suit dogs of all age, size and breed. Connie ensures you that you will see a positive difference in your dogs health and energy - If you don't believe this can be true, just read her reviews here.

Do you want to stop waste your money on expensive commercial dog foods, foods that have the potential to harm your dogs health? If your looking for recipes that are free of harmful chemicals and additives and are going to improve your dog's nutrition massively..Then the 'Cookbook For Dogs' will definitely benefit YOU and YOUR dog. Click here to download your copy now.

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If this sounds like something you will be interested in, then I would urge you to buy her book and give it a try. If you're not happy, for whatever reason, you are backed up by her 60 day satisfaction guarantee. So if you not happy, you can get a full refund, no questions asked. There's nothing to lose!

The Benefits Of Homemade Treats

If you are dedicated to finding the best healthy treats for your dog, you can't do better than making your own. AND, it's probably the most economical option too! To help you on your way, I've created tons of homemade treats for you to try for your dog. Please help spread the word by sharing your photos and thoughts on Facebook and Pintrest - I would love to hear from you and see the photo's of your dogs - It always puts a smile on my face.

All the treats that you find on my website have been tried, tested by my border collie 'Lady' and tweaked by myself. My dog 'Lady' is always by my side when I am in the kitchen baking her favorite treats. She has also had her fair share of doggie celebration cakes. Click around my website where you'll find healthy treats and recipes for all doggie occasions, from birthdays to training or simple treats that you are your dog can share together.

Sarah & Lady (Woof, Woof)