Bully Sticks For Dogs

Bully sticks for dogs are healthy, natural treats, that are a safe alternative to rawhide treats for your dog. Even though rawhide dog treats have been proven as a choking hazard they are still widely available in stores. Switching to bully sticks is a much safer and healthier option but you may need to look a little harder to find them.

Having said that, you might have seen bully sticks for dogs in many stores, without even realizing it. Bully sticks are sold under a variety of names such as pizzle sticks, beef sticks, and bully bites, all of which are still considered bully sticks.

Bully Sticks For Dogs

Be warned though, there are some 'fake' bully sticks to watch out for that aren't quite as healthy.  Some manufacturers produce chews that look like bully sticks, but have actually been washed with chlorine and other harsh chemicals to remove and cover up the smell.

So, how do you know the difference when shopping for bully sticks for dogs? That's easy, check that it contains one single ingredient - '100% beef'. They should also be free of additives, hormones and artificial chemicals. 

There is a range of reasons why you should be giving your dog a tasty bully stick. Once you know what you're looking for, you can purchase them in a variety of shapes and sizes so it doesn't matter if you own a small Maltese or a large Bullmastiff - There is a bully stick made for every dog, and they are very safe and nutritionally healthy for both adult dogs and puppies. 

Benefits Of Bully Sticks For Dogs?

One of the best things about bully sticks for dogs is that they don't splinter, so you don't have to worry about broken off pieces causing your dog internal injuries. They are also highly digestible, which means your dogs stomach can break them down safe and easily. There great for dog that suffer which food allergies or sensitive stomachs, due to the single ingredient 'Natural Beef'. There are so many benefits of giving your dog a bully stick.

  • Maintains oral hygiene and health 
  • Keeps dogs entertained for hours
  • Prevents plague and tartar buildup
  • High in vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and magnesium which dogs need for good health.
  • Long shelf life, cost effective 
  • Strengthens dogs jaws
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • High in protein, low in fat - suitable chew for an overweight dog

Our dogs depend on us every day, especially when it comes to their health. They depend on us to provide safe, nutritious food, that's as natural as possible. This is why I highly recommend the 100% All Natural Free Range Gnaws Beef Bully Sticks. They're 100% natural, safe and are packed with protein and other vital nutrients that your dog requires. 

When you purchase through this link, we get a small commission that helps pay for the maintenance of out site so we can continue bringing great treat recipes, tips, and recommendations.

Bully Sticks Vs. Rawhide

Sometimes it can be confusing knowing the difference between bully sticks and rawhide, but trust me, there is a big difference! The main difference between these two chews are the ingredients they contain and how they're made. There are many horror stories related to rawhide chews but NOT bully sticks. 

Bully Sticks For Dogs - A bully stick is made of a bull's private parts. As gross as that may sound, these chews are made from one single digestible ingredient, so allows our dogs to digest and process them easily - unlike rawhide. 

Rawhide For DogsRawhide chews are made from the inner layer of a cow or horse hide. This type of chew has been proven dangerous for dogs, due to the doughy substance and chemicals which are used to make these chews. There have been too many cases where dogs have suffered from intestine blockage from rawhide chews. 

For more detailed information on how rawhide is made click here.

Other Natural Dog Chews

I don't know about you, but I would expect a good dog chew to last more than two minutes. I also want it to taste great (to my dog) but lack the calories of so many other dog and puppy treats. Safety always comes first with any new treat or toy; that's why you should ensure you supervise the fun. When some large chews become not-so-manageable in size, some dogs will swallow it whole where it may become an issue, or worse, accidentally choke on it. 

Here are some other safe alternatives to rawhide chews in addition to bully sticks for dogs.


Beef trachea chews are a bit weird looking (they're a cow's windpipe), but they have many benefits to them that make them a great option for a long-lasting treat. Actually, that's the first benefit right there, they're long lasting! And they're odor free.

They're also very beneficial for keeping your dogs' teeth healthy and are full of glucosamine and chondroitin, which are great for your dog's joint health. 

They're made from 100% pure beef so are high in protein and are free of all chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. They also don't have hormones or antibiotics added and are grain and gluten-free. They're also thinner than a bully stick so may suit an older dog that has issues with their teeth when trying to chew the harder bully sticks for dogs.

As a suggestion, and given that their shape is a cylinder, hollow thin tube, I've found smearing peanut butter on the insides works well as they have fun licking it off first. 


Water buffalo horns are similar to antlers and other bone-type chews. These chews are low in calories, high in protein and last a very long time. Water buffalo horns don't splinter, (unlike cooked bones, which are never recommended for dogs), so are ideal for destructive chewers or just for dogs that love chewing. 

They come in a small, medium or large size, there is a water buffalo horn suitable for every dog. My dog has one of these and it has lasted her over 4 months. Sometimes I soak it in chicken stock to add flavor - she LOVES it! It's also a great chew to help remove plaque and tar build up on their teeth.


You may not have heard too much about water buffalo horns as a dog chew but they are, an ancient chew that's been around for a long time. There are only four very simple ingredients in this chew - yak milk, cow milk, salt and lime juice!

Buffalo horns wear down over a period of time as your dog gnaws on them and is fantastic at helping to keep plaque at bay. They don't contain any preservatives, they're 100% gluten, grain, lactose free and very low in fat. This is a great chew if your dog suffers with allergies and are restricted to what they eat.

The fun part about them is when they shrink to a small size (1 inch approx.). At that point, you can pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds, and it will puff up like a Cheeto puff which your dog can then eat like a regular healthy treat.   

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