5 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Dog Treat Icing

Doggie pupcakes, with fresh cream and fruit.

Dog treat icing is used to decorate doggie cookies and treats after they’ve been baked and cooled down, but many pet owners worry about whether they’ll turn their dog off the taste. There may also be concerns about your dog eating too much sugar, as they can also suffer from diabetes, just like humans do. 

Here are 5 creative ways you can improve your dog treat icing:

1. Cornstarch Paint

Dog treats will be unique if you “paint” on them. This technique will work better if you make larger dog treats, so there is space to decorate the surface. Mix up a batch of “icing” with 2 tbsp cornstarch, and 1/2 tbsp cold water. Separate the icing into three batches. Add a few droplets of food coloring to each: green for trees, blue for skies, brown for branches. Be sure to use a brand new brush for painting a design on the dog treats. This type of icing will nicely set in place when it’s dry. 

2. Cream Cheese

Halloween dog biscuits, with cream cheese icing

Mix up 8 ounces of a low fat cream cheese, 2 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp plain yogurt, and 3 tbsp flour. This is a good icing for when you don’t wish to add food coloring, but you want it to be as white as possible. Add your flour slowly, so you can create the best consistency for spreading. If you wish to do piping, add a bit more water so it can easily be squeezed out from the treat bags.

3.Hard & Glossy Finish 

You don’t have to wait until after baking to decorate your dog treats. With this technique, it’s done prior to baking. It also works better for treats around 2” wide. Prepare your dog treats and place them on your cookie pan. Take one egg and separate it. Pour the yolk into a bowl, and add 1/4 tsp water, and a few drops of food coloring. Whisk together thoroughly. Use a pastry brush to paint onto the surface of the treats, and bake normally. After you remove the treats from the oven and let dry, they will dry hard and glossy. 

4. Potato/Sweet Potato

This is a great icing for when you want your dog to consume healthy ingredients. You can put it onto dog treats, dog cookies, or dog cupcakes. Peel and cut up one regular or sweet potato. Mash it up, and add 1 tbsp parsley, and 1 tbsp sour cream. Mix it up well with your blender. Use a spoon to smooth the icing over the dog treats.

5. Fresh Whipped Cream

Pupcake with fresh whipped cream icing

This is such a quick, easy and cheap dog treat icing. Mix heavy cream in a large mixing bowl on high speed for approx 6 minutes or until the cream becomes think. You can place the fresh whipped cream into piping bags or you can spoon the mixture straight on top of the dog treat that you are making and top with fresh fruit or a dog friendly topping of your choice.

*If your dog has a dairy allergy, this icing will not be suitable for them.

To Conclude 'Dog Treat Icing'...

As you can see, dog treat icing is a whole lot different than what humans would eat. Try and avoid using sugar or icing/confectioner’s sugar. If you must, use it only for the most special occasions. 

Your dog will appreciate how you made special dog treats for them, in creative and fun ways that are greatly improved over your usual dog treat icing. 

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