Dog Treat Recall:
Some Dog Treat Brands Don't Make the Cut

Has a dog treat recall been issued for your dog's brand of treats? Most of us know about dog food recalls but did you know they also issue recalls for dog treats?  

We all want the best for our dogs because they are far more than just pets – they are a close friend you can have a lot of fun with, and a member of your family that will always comfort you. So, it’s only natural that you want to provide them with only the finest foods on the market.

However, what most pet owners don’t know is that some brands aren’t healthy for your dog – in fact, they can be quite harmful. This is something that advertisers and people in charge of public relations of those brands are trying to hide at all costs, which is why most people aren’t aware of this issue. 

This is why you need to read on and find out how to protect your dog by learning more about why treats are being recalled. 

Dog Treat Recall

Why Are Dog Treats Recalled? 

The next time you find yourself in a pet store looking for something delicious so you can treat your dog, make sure that you look for the FDA approval stamp as well. All the products on the market should contain it, but the problem is that having the FDA approval stamp doesn’t make the treat 100% safe and healthy.

This is because the FDA will allow for small doses of potentially harmful substances, because the tiny amounts in one serving don’t represent an immediate threat to a dog’s health. However, unlike us humans who will eat a fairly varied diet, dogs are given these treats on a daily basis, so there is a risk of the harmful substances accumulating and causing issues.

Furthermore, you should know about the dangers that unhealthy treats carry with them – by bringing them into your home, not only will your dog’s health be harmed, but yours as well. These are two most common problems and the usual reason why dog treats get recalled. 

Dog Treat Recall Due To Salmonella

This group of bacteria is one of the most popular causes of food poisoning.  It's also the most common cause of a dog treat recall.  Interestingly enough, if your dog consumes treats which contain this bacteria, chances of something bad happening to them are minimal – very close to zero in fact.

However, these bacteria is very dangerous for humans, so if by any chance contaminated treats get in touch with your food, you can have serious problems with your digestive tract.

Most dog food and treat products are being recalled because of salmonella, and the reason why these bacteria are so present in this industry is quite simple if you think about it – dog food is usually made in huge plants where other products are being made, so it’s quite easy for salmonella to reach it. 

Dog Treat Recall Due To Listeria

Listeria is another food bacteria, and like salmonella, it can be dangerous. However, it’s less risky than the previous one – healthy pets and humans are safe. However, people in old age, children, pregnant women, and puppies are not as immune to listeria. 

You are probably aware of how important it is for puppies to eat healthy – their nutrition needs to contain all the necessities so that they can grow into strong, healthy dogs. Food that’s contaminated with bacteria can do serious damage while puppies are in a sensitive stage. 

The third reason why treats get recalled is because their ingredients list doesn’t match the actual ingredients they contain. According to FDA, those lists need to be one hundred percent precise. 

Dangerous Dog Treats

Unfortunately, not all dog treats that are unhealthy for your dog are recalled. Some contain unhealthy ingredients, others are extreme choking hazards, and far too many are imported from countries, such as China, that don't regulate the ingredients and manufacturing process. 

See below for more information on:

My Dog's Treat Has Been Recalled - What Should You Do?

Five puppies in a basket, looking at the camera.

Once you find out that a treat you’ve been giving your dog isn’t healthy for them, you need to extract that brand from their nutrition. Immediately afterwards, you should get in touch with the company in question and demand compensation. 

You should also pay special attention to your dog’s behavior – if you see signs of nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, you should definitely take them to the vet. To ensure that something like this never happens again, you should invest more time into picking out treats for your dog and be confident about their quality. Furthermore, you should keep yourself updated on the subject by signing up for alerts on dog treat recalls and keeping track of recalled brands. 

To help you get started, below is a list of all the dog treat recalls that have been issued since 2013.  So, to answer the question we started with, does your dog treat brand make the cut?

Something like this is not likely to happen – If it does, you shouldn’t dwell on your mistakes, but take action right away. Once again, make sure that you keep a close eye on your pet for a while, so that you can be positive that they are not suffering any unwanted consequences.

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